Foreign Languages


UBT has founded the Institute of Foreign Languages, in addition to institutional development and training and certification requirements for foreign language skills. Within the framework of the institute of foreign language learning has been of significant importance in Europe, the Council of Europe has drafted the European Common Framework for Foreign Language Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

In addition, psychosocial studies have found that speaking two or more languages ​​is a great asset for an individual’s career development. A person who knows more languages ​​works in more environments whether at work or school, unlike single-language speakers, and these differences offer some benefits.

However, there is always an opportunity for everyone who wants to start studying foreign languages, and achieve certain levels of proficiency which may be necessary for different purposes.



– English;

– German;

– French;

– Italian;

– Spanish;

– Turkish etc;


Advantages and advantages of foreign learning foreign languages at the Institute:

  • A variety of courses;
  • Effective teaching methods;
  • General and special intensive courses;
  • Contemporary books and manuals;
  • Courses for all ages interests and occupations of the stakeholders;
  • Small groups;
  • Monthly lessons;
  • Specialized and professional staff;
  • Regular and intensive preparation courses;
  • Adequate courses for cultural educational and scientific needs;
  • Courses related to the country’s EU integration;
  • Courses for students, students and citizens as well as for all institutions of the country;
  • Academic writing at various levels;