Industry Partnership

The program in Criminal Law (LLM) aligns closely with industry needs by regularly updating its curriculum to reflect current legal standards and practices. This alignment is evident through:

  • Advisory Boards: Involvement of legal professionals and practitioners in advisory boards ensures that the program stays abreast of industry changes and receives direct input from those actively engaged in the field.
  • Practical Training: Incorporation of practical components such as internships, moot court simulations, or legal clinics provides students with hands-on experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.
  • Guest Lectures and Workshops: Inviting legal experts and professionals for guest lectures and workshops exposes students to contemporary issues, evolving legal trends, and practical insights from experienced practitioners.
  • Research Emphasis: A focus on research excellence, as indicated in the mission statement, ensures that students are equipped to address emerging legal challenges and contribute meaningfully to the field.


By actively integrating these elements, the program not only meets but anticipates industry needs, preparing criminal law students to navigate the dynamic landscape of real-world legal practice. 

Faculty Law has extended its network based on a very good reputation among public and private institution in the country. This element has facilitated the possibility to sign Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with various stakeholders and to get professional support to our candidates so that they can benefit from internships. The education is organized in close collaboration between our institution and the other public and private organisms operating in the legal system, in order to strengthen the connection between the students’ learning in theory and practice. The practical work is organized Courts and attorneys.  There are considerable numbers of MoU with HEI, non-governmental organizations and public institutions linked to the programme, but below we have listed the latest agreements that have been signed with the following institutions.


Institution Country Duration of the agreement
Ministry of Justice of Republic of Kosovo Kosovo Open
Kosovo Bar Association Kosovo Open
Kosovo Forensic Agency Kosovo Open
Kosovo Judicial Council Kosovo Open
Kosovo Prosecutorial Council Kosovo Open
Kosovo Competition Authority Kosovo Open
Ministry of Local Government Administration Kosovo Open
Sejdini and Qerkini Law Firm Kosovo Open
Municipality of Prizren Kosovo Open
City of Shkodra Albania Open