Student admission is regulated by the Faculty Council Admission Regulation. All applicants within the enrolment quotas for full-time students who have completed bachelor studies with 240 ECTS are eligible to enrol in the program. Admission to the studies is done on the basis of a public call by submitting to UBT College the application to register by completing the standard practice established by the Faculty Council. Based on the results and the submitted documents, the Program Coordinators create a list that specifies which candidates have been eligible to enrol based on the results achieved in prior education.

In the event the demand surpasses available study-program-places, the following criteria shall apply:

Grade Point Average of minimum 8.0 during undergraduate studies (75 %);

Knowledge of English language certified with B1 language examination (25 %);

The following bridging exams must be passed by students who are non-law graduates:

Criminal Law I- 6 ECTS;

Criminal Law II- 5 ECTS;

The right of Criminal Procedure–6 ECTS