The Master in Criminal Law (LLM) program is offered to gain knowledge in the key area of criminal law, with a focus on criminal justice standards and national measures for the development of criminal law. Students gain in-depth knowledge to critically examine the substantive doctrine and interpretation of laws and by-laws of Kosovo’s criminal law, criminal procedure, comparative criminal law, and critically examine court decisions regarding criminal cases. To develop creative answers for special areas of criminal law such as criminology, victimology, penology, as well as measures to prevent and fight organized crime. They achieve advanced analytical and problem-solving skills in solving complex issues related to pre-criminal and criminal procedure.


The Law Faculty of UBT College has designed a study program as a specialization of law education in Kosovo, enabling the next generation lawyers with practical skills, fostering the highest standards of ethics, promoting the fair administration of justice, and increasing the professional competition between penal lawyers. The program builds on the knowledge of the Bachelor program, the traditions of penal law studies and the contemporary demands of penal lawyers, who can earn career prospects in the government, law firms or corporations or even in a private practice.


The curriculum of the LLM program in Criminal Law is carefully structured to present disciplines in a logical sequence. The progression from foundational courses to core specializations, electives, practical application, and research activities ensures that students gradually build upon their knowledge and skills, ultimately preparing them for advanced legal practice and scholarly contributions in the field of criminal law.