Scientific Research

One of the main activities of the Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations is the scientific research in compliance with the general principle that the university and college teaching is and should always be logically connected to the scientific research. This is the main reason why UBT College has invited to be members of its teaching staff people who could contribute to both, the teaching process and academic research.

Although the UBT College is established in the recent year 2001, it has been focused on the activity of scientific research, since the beginning. And, in the course of 17 years, it has succeeded to progress in a number of areas of scientific research like the following:


  1. Academic analysis and research by the UBT teaching staff. There are already many years that one main activity in this area is the Annual Scientific Conference which is organized every October and where professors from Kosovo and other countries are invited to contribute and cooperate through their researches. In addition, sociological researches and various opinion polls have especially extended as a scientific activity. Some of these researches have been published in foreign scientific reviews. A special focus of these researches is linked with the concrete needs and interests of Kosovo as a new state which is on the way of consolidation of its democratic institutions and Euro-Atlantic integration.


  1. Selection, preparation and training of the students who are especially interested in scientific research. The related work has made it possible for the organization and consolidation of The Annual Students Conference where students are supported by the academic staff to make researches on various political issues and prepare related written material.


The UBT College Rectorate and the Faculty staff are considering and making effort to increasing the scientific activity in various new dimensions such as:

  1. Increasing of the academic and scientific cooperation with foreign counterpart universities and colleges. This has been considered to happen as a natural result of an increased scientific activity inside the UBT and a further involvement in joint scientific programs with other universities and institutes outside Kosovo.


  1. Intensification of the dissemination of scientific information among the teaching staff and excellent students. This would need the organization of round-table discussions and debates as complementary activities to the individual scientific work done by the teaching staff.


  1. Considering of the translation of important textbooks into Albanian. Although this activity is not a pure scientific research, it would serve as an important means of placing the students on better conditions that might stimulate their scientific inclination and preference.


Compilation and publication of various textbooks in Albanian by the staff. As a rather difficult task, this could be accomplish step by step by beginning with the publication of written lectures by the Faculty staff.