Scientific Research


  • To continue and improve the studies that increase the quality of the research outputs required to be among the best economics faculties in the region;
  • Carrying out studies that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals locally, nationally and internationally;
  • To employ academic staff who will produce qualified research outputs and to continue to carry out studies that will increase the competence of existing academic staff;
  • To substantially increase our share of external research grant income, in order to provide a sustainable funding base for our research;
  • To attract increasing numbers of high-quality postgraduate research students, and provide them with a stimulating and supportive research environment and training.



MBE Interdisciplinary studies being a crucial aspect of Research in general at UBT, MBE academic and research staff members are encouraged to participate in the research activities of other disciplines. This also coheres with the previously stated UBT mission for research.


Management, Business and Economics Faculty have identified the following research areas that are also explicitly provided in the Institutional report of the organization. Below are presented the study program research areas.

  • General Economics;
  • Macroeconomic Policies and their Impact on Economics
  • Growth; Informal Economy and Its Effects on Institutions;
  • Economic Growth
  • Econometrics and Applied Economics;
  • Insurance and Pensions, Multinational Finance;
  • Banking, Finance and Investment;
  • Accounting, Auditing and Taxation;
  • Competition, Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth;
  • Marketing Management;
  • Income Inequality; Poverty;
  • Brand Management;
  • Consumer-Oriented New Product Development;
  • Strategies for International Business Management;
  • Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship;
  • Innovation and Technological Change Management;
  • International Trade;
  • Management and Corporate Governance;
  • Impact of Education on Business and Management;
  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management;
  • Advanced Human Resource Management;
  • Quality Management in Public Sector;
  • Process and Project Management;
  • Operations Research;
  • Natural Resources: · Exploit or Preserve Development Strategies for Services;
  • Tourism Management;
  • Food and Hospitality Services;
  • Transportation and Freight Services;
  • Agro-Business and Subsidy Management;
  • European Union policies;
  • Multi-Cultural Management;
  • South East European Economy and Management;
  • Logistics and Value Chain Management;
  • Industry Economics and Industrial Organization;
  • Immigration and Border Studies;
  • Management Information Systems;
  • Public Policy and Management

These research areas were identified by the MBE research committee and approved by the Faculty Council, but this does not necessarily mean that MBE staff cannot research in the other research areas. Interdisciplinary studies being a crucial aspect of Research in general at UBT, MBE academic and research staff members are encouraged to participate in the research activities of other disciplines.



Priorities in the field of research within the department of Management, Business and Economics are:

  • International Economics and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Business Informatics and Digital Marketing
  • Sustainable Development and Goals


The research and scientific work of College UBT and the organization of research is regulated by Regulation on Research work and Publications of College UBT.


According to Article 6 of the Regulation, the following activities are defined as research and scientific activities:

  • Periodical publications;
  • Scientific works;
  • Professional works;
  • Catalogues;
  • Compilation of normative acts;


According to Article 7 of the Regulation, the research is validated through scientific publications in the following:

  • Publication in UBT Journal;
    • Peer reviewed books published by renowned national, regional, and international publishing houses;
    • Peer reviewed articles in journals accepted by the Academic Council of UBT;
    • Publications in articles and proceedings indexed in Clarivate, Scopus, EBSCO, DOAJ, and WorldCat or any other databases approved by the Academic Council of College UBT;


The Regulation on Research and Scientific Work of College UBT is available online in the link


It must be noted that the criteria for what constitutes research at College UBT align with international research standards and norms in the field, as reflected by the acceptance and indexing of UBT’s scientific outputs in globally recognized databases and publications.


Research Strategy