Management, Business and Economics

What does MBE faculty offer?

The program aims to respond the essential needs of an emerging private sector in Kosovo. Kosovo’s economy is short on capable and skilled individuals that would complement and steer the process of private sector development. The program is drafted taking into consideration the most relevant factors and indicators that explain economic development and the process of new job creation in the local and international labor markets.
The philosophy, methodology and the structure of the program have evolved in the context of the Nations Education Strategy, Nations Employment Strategy and National Economic Development Plan. Information regarding the content, specialization, methodology and target group has emanated from institutions participation in USAID Private Sector Development Program, World Bank and Ministry of Trade and Industry Working Group on Business Reforms. Consultations with the existing students have been an important input. The Study Commission has also taken into great consideration both the Kosovo business outlook and employment outlook studies where existing businesses and workers have given ideas as to where the next orientation of education program should be as well as giving important inputs regarding the kind of skills that a student would need to succeed in contemporary business and economy.
The program design, as well as proposed concentration, has taken into consideration the feedback from staff and students, recent developments in management, business, and economics, the needs of Kosovo’ market as well as curricula from foreign universities: Oakland University, Vienna University of Applied Sciences, Johanum Fachschule and Copenhagen Business School
The program offered by MBE Faculty are accredited and re-accredited from international experts from the file of management, business and economics and the experts of the Accreditation Agency of the Republic Kosovo for the period 2015-2020. The aim of the accreditation process is to identify whether the program are adequate and meet all the local and international academic criteria and standards. In addition, it assesses the relevance of the program in supporting economic development and an enhanced labor market activity. All the program offered by MBE faculty meet those criteria are considered valuable to the education system and the overall development of our society.