Industry Board

Faculty of Management, Business and Economy has established and maintains a strong connection to the industry sector that contributes to Study programs of our school designed in a manner that meets the industry needs. Our Faculty usually conducts several meetings annually with industry to identify their needs including lecturers involved from industry to bring the latest technological advances, industry concepts, and demand.


Cooperation with local industry has been one of the UBT’s strengths and departments accros UBT have established their partners in their study focus where MBE faculty has been focused in the manufacturing sector including banks. Also, the teaching staff at MBE comprises of significant large number of staf with academic background working in the industry sector. In the frmeowork of Erasmus project UBT continuously involves industry stakeholders for joint projects. UBT has strong partnerships with international project teams that apply internationally such as from Germany, Czchek Republic, Denmark, Dutch, Austria, etc. delivering local and international projects.


UBT has very strong labor market and Civil Society partners that enable UBT staff to focus on the needs of labor market institutions and civil society organizations. This is a very important opportunity for UBT staff to advance their career.