Group Counselling


  • Peer group discussions about various topics can be very effective. Group counselling offers a chance for connecting with peers and exploring issues of mutual concern.
  • For many students, sharing experiences within a group of peers can be more supportive and effective than individual counselling. Giving and gaining support among peers can have a positive effect on their sense of belonging and competence.
  • It is obligatory that each group member keeps all the shared information in the group strictly confidential. To ensure an optimal effect of group support, the group is formed from students that don’t know each-other at the personal level.
  • Each group member is free to decide on the level of personal information they feel comfortable sharing with the group.
  • The formed groups will consist of the same members until the group counselling is completed. Group members are required to participate in sessions regularly, because cohesion enables them to create and maintain a more sustainable supportive relationship.
  • At any time, each group member can request to stop participating in group counselling, if he/she considers that it is not right for him/her. In agreement with the group supervisor/psychologist, other forms of supportive services offered by the Centre will be explored.