Industry Partnership

Kosovo has a relatively new development trend in almost every field, particularly in the dimension of media development and communication. Different forms of media, from classical types to a wide range of electronic and digital ones have quite evolved recently in Kosovo. On the one side, for example, in the field of audio-visual media provision, according to the Independent Media Commission in Kosovo, there are actually operating around 82 radio stations, 20 TV stations, 56 channel providers, and 37 cable operators, all licensed by this authority. The number of written and portal media is not less in number. Other forms of media communication, like for example social networks and other forms of digital media, have become very usable for the past years, too.


While, on the other side, the preparation of qualifications in media and communication has mostly happened through in-the-job training programs at media houses and other institutions and organizations. Formal education has lacked for some time, and now there are only a few study programs in Kosovo that work on this direction, however, they mostly focus on journalism, rather providing a wider professional scope. Furthermore, intra and inter organizational communication is a crucial element for organizations and institutions in order to maintain a meaningful level of information and cooperation with audiences of interest, therefore the profile of public relations and communications is more than necessary in this direction.


This study program aims to directly target this dimension of preparation of new generations of media professionals and PRs, which would play a substantial role in public institutions and private corporates, as well as media qualitative development. Besides that, for some years UBT offers media and communication study program in the Bachelor Degree, therefore providing the opportunity also to the upcoming graduates to advance their scope of profession is more than needed at this stage.