Media and Communication

Name of the institutionBPRAL UBT College
Faculty/DepartmentDepartment of Media and Communication
Main Campus or BranchMain Campus
The program applies to BranchNo
Name of the study programMA Media and Communication
Person responsibleDr. Ferid Selimi
Accreditation/ReaccreditationAccredited 2016
NQF Qualification LevelNQF Level 7
Academic degree conferredMaster of Media and Communication
Program profile (specialization)N/A
Erasmus Code15.1 Journalism (Communication and Information Science)


Type of studyFull-time
Number of students50
Minimum duration of study2 years


UBT combines an approach of using basic research praxes with applied research needs for the implementation of the study programs having a tangible impact into the society and environment. In this regard, UBT will engage maximally students in potential research projects and initiatives that are related to the scope of this study program. The research activity in the framework of this study program will be oriented in, but not limited to, the following main research lines:

  • Examination of current media and communication practices and the potential for their advancement based on the latest trends of technology development applicable to digital media;
  • Investigation of current approaches used in institutions and organizations for political and business communication and how they affect the organization’s communication and information dissemination in regard to the engagement of relevant audience;
  • Examination of potential of present media towards digitalization perspectives, since the digitalization of media in Kosovo still lacks behind application;