For enrolment in the program of MSc, the students must have a bachelor’s diploma. The students must also provide an official extract of birth (personal data). Solid knowledge of English is obliged; the students are further advised to improve their English skills by using free online courses and related infrastructure or by attending English language courses provided at the UBT Professional School or similar institutions. Any official Standard English test scores (such as TOEFL and IELTS) are encouraged to be handed in together with the diploma. The admission requirements are consistently and fairly applied to all students.

The program admission criteria are as follows:

  • Students that have completed an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering or Electrical/Electronics, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Systems
  • Students that have graduated from business and administration fields who demonstrate prior work experience in mechatronics engineering or computer science and engineering or are able to complete the Mechatronics Preparation Packages.