Due to the highly modern infrastructure, it is worth emphasizing that UBT laboratories equipped with the necessary tools to provide all kinds of medical services and 31 ambulances that will be at the service of patients at all times, the UBT polyclinic aims to become a reference of professionalism and expertise, where, among other things, the best future experts in the region will be developed for all fields of medicine, as well as radiology.


In addition, the main purpose of Radiology program is to enhance the teaching process with the most modern methods related to theory and practice, based on a well-equipped infrastructure with the necessary equipment and high-level support.


Furthermore, UBT is highly committed to provide radiology students with all the necessary studying facilities. In this way, he completed the laboratories:

Clinical Skills Laboratory

This laboratory is fully equipped to facilitate learning through simulation and practice of clinical skills for the needs of the Faculty of Radiology.

The Inter-professional Clinical Simulation and Practice Center is located in the building of the medical faculties near the UBT campus.


Patient Admission Room

This laboratory is a simulation of patient admission to the clinic which is equipped with modern equipment needed as beds for the sick, apparatus for oxygen therapy, pulse oximeter, tensimoeter, shirninga, needles, nazograstric probes, sterile gloves, etc.


 Patient admission laboratory (room)

This laboratory is a simulation of admission of patients to the clinic which is equipped with the necessary equipment such as: patient beds, apparatus for oxygen therapy, pulse oximetry, tensiometry, syringes, needles, urinary catheter, nasogastric tube, sterile gloves, etc.


Room for minor surgical interventions

This room has the necessary instrumentarium for small surgery exercises such as sutures, wound dressings, disinfectants, forceps, suture needles, scalpels, scissors, gauze, sterile gloves, kidney, local urinary anesthetic catheter, etc.


 Resuscitation room

This room has modern beds with numerous movements for patient positions, defibrillator, respiratory apparatus, ampoule media, infusions, infusion systems, bed sheets, infusion hangers, etc.

There are also many cabinets depending on the clinics with their specifics equipped with the necessary elements.


 Anatomy Laboratory

Students learn about the Object of Anatomy, bone anatomy, skeleton of the upper limbs, bone ligaments, muscular apparatus, muscles of the upper extremities, cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, uro-genital system, nervous system, etc.


 Computer Lab

In terms of information technology, the faculty has a computer lab equipped with 52 desktop computers and 8 laptops.



Within UBT there is a Library with over 20 thousand titles. Students who want to search the Library can find relevant literature for their studies and research.

The medical science literature is part of the UBT Library and consists of two separate spaces: the space where the books are located and the reading space. In addition, there has been established a catalog has been created, which allows readers (students and academic staff) to be informed about all the materials and titles that exist in the library, while also enabling their remote access. The library includes in its range of university titles, books in various international languages.


Meanwhile, publications that are mainly used as a source are from well-known international centers such as the University of Technology in Vienna, Harvard University, the University of Oslo, the University of Oakland, the University of Nice.


The library service also provides our students with direct access to e-books and online articles that have a scientific and academic character in various fields.