Aims and Objectives

With the course of developments in the field of radiology, the field of medicine and the way of diagnosing diseases has changed forever.  Consequently, the professions related to medicine are becoming increasingly important owing to the fact that medicine is one of the areas that requires improvement and innovation all the time.


Consequently, by studying at in the faculty of Technical Faculty of Radiology, UBT aims to prepare Kosovo and the professional world adapted and prepared according to the latest global practices. The mission of the program is also to promote and contribute to personalized medicine, disease prevention and treatment of patients through advanced medical imaging.


In this regard, the vast majority of radiologists are primarily employed in radiology departments and are engaged in diagnostic procedures (90%), which reflects the content of the study program presented to us. The purpose of the study program is to meet the needs of public and private health institutions. Medical, dental and veterinary diagnostic services can hardly exist without the use of procedures that use open and closed sources of ionizing radiation, ultrasound and magnetic resonance. Therapeutic procedures that use closed source radiation and radiation with radioactive isotopes is a necessity in the treatment of malignant diseases in humans. None of these methods can be used without the participation of the radiologist technologist in the work process.


Furthermore, this field of study includes work with modern equipment that provides radiological diagnostic and therapeutic services with radiation, teaching about the work of the radiopharmaceutical apparatus and interventional radiology. The opportunity to learn through practice that will be carried out all the time in the modern UBT polyclinic, as well as the opportunity to learn through Virtual Reality, gives students access to the profession before they finish their studies, so that they can prepare professionally.