Industry Partnership

The success of a higher education institution is closely related to local and international collaboration and partnerships. Within the faculty,  Bachelor studies there have been signed collaboration agreements with more than 500 international universities, with some of the Family Medicine Centers, as well as with the University Clinical Center of Kosovo.


Meanwhile, the recruitment of international lecturers ensures good links with the international health and education system, relations with the community, as well as with industries. Upon completion of the Bachelor program in Radiology, the student is qualified to work as a Radiology Technician. Furthermore, the program provides the student with a necessary knowledge and skills both the theoretical and practical part.


Furthermore, graduates are prepared to work together with a medical team consisting of a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, radiology specialist, and services can be provided at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, Regional Hospitals, Radiology Clinic, and Family Medicine Centers. (X-ray part). UBT College- has a cooperation agreement with the Radiology Clinic, UCCK, Main Family Medicine Centers throughout Kosovo, Polikliken PRIMA- Prishtina.