International Cooperation

The study program is supported in cooperation with international partners. International partnerships are developed in several directions:

  1. through student exchange;
  2. exchange of professors;
  3. recognition of qualifications;
  4. cooperation in scientific research and knowledge transfer;
  5. development of academic staff.


UBT participates in EU student exchange programs, such as Erasmus Plus and CEEPUS. Students interested in a semester or year mobility are offered the opportunity to stay and collaborate with institutional partners. The faculty accepts study credits conducted in sister institutions and programs.


UBT students can benefit from scholarships at international universities thanks to the partnerships that UBT has with more than 400 universities in the world. In the framework of the Psychology, program UBT has already reached cooperation agreements with several important universities in the field of psychology such as Eotvos Lorand University, Faculty of Psychology and Education in Budapest (Hungary), Sigmund Freud University from Vienna, Austria, etc. Cooperation with these internationally renowned universities will contribute to increasing the quality of teaching and learning in the field of psychology.