Aims and Objectives

The Psychology program is designed according to contemporary standards, meeting the guidelines and requirements set by the EuroPsy (European Certificate in Psychology) – established by one of the highest credibility institutions in Europe for setting standards in the profession of psychology – and the National Framework of Education of Kosovo. Our program is designed to lay the foundations of a career in the field of psychology and to equip students with professional knowledge as well as skills to apply their knowledge in practice. This program aims to prepare young professionals starting from the basic theories on the development and behaviour of the individual, personality, thinking, learning as well as the assessment and treatment of psychopathology and various psychosocial problems. The Psychology program is designed to take into account market demands from local, regional and global development trends and labour market demands. The program is designed based on the most important factors and measurable indicators of economic development needs and new job opportunities in local and international markets.


The main goal of the Psychology  program, is to advance the methodology of teaching and learning, to contribute to the community and society and as well as to promote scientific research in the field of psychology. Thus, we offer a:


  • A carefully designed and organized Curriculum according to the requirements of EuroPsy and the Kosovo National Framework;
  • Contemporary teaching methods;
  • Qualified and experienced international staff, which fully meets the standards set by the legislation of the Republic of Kosovo.


Upon completion of the studies the graduates at the Bachelor level in Psychology will be able to:

  1. Understand and apply psychological methods and techniques;
  2. Gain basic knowledge of the methods and approaches necessary for the integration of psychological knowledge;
  3. Gain knowledge in the fields of natural and social sciences closely related to psychology;
  4. Apply psychological knowledge and methods in conducting psychological assessment of individuals, groups and organizations;
  5. Interpret and apply psychological theories;
  6. Apply knowledge using critical thinking skills;
  7. Communicate effectively;in verbal and writing way;
  8. Demonstrate knowledge and understand the responsibilities of professional ethics.


Contact for the Psychology Program:

Email:  [email protected]


Tel: +383 38 541 400

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