Curriculum Structure

The curriculum of the first phase of the program, which is based on Europsy (European Certificate in Psychology), is built on two important components: knowledge and skills. In this regard, knowledge is divided into explanatory theories (which are organized by content, eg introduction to psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, etc.), technological theory and methodological theory (eg statistics, qualitative and quantitative methods, etc.). Skills are divided into explanatory theories (including, for example, interviewing methods), technological theories (e.g., data processing and analysis), and academic skills (e.g., writing skills), and methodological skills.

In addition, there is also space in the part of knowledge for specific fields such as sociology, philosophy, education, as well as subjects from non-psychological theories, etc.


Year I
Semester I
Subjects ETCS
Introduction to Psychology 6
Psychophysiology 6
Developmental Psychology I 6
Academic Writing 4
English Language 4
Psychology of communication 4
Introduction to Philosophy 4
Semester II
Subjects ETCS
Development psychology II 6
Motivation and Emotion 6
Research Methods in Psychology 6
English Language for Psychology 4
Introduction to Sociology 4
Psychology and Technology 4
Human Rights 4
Year II  
Semester III
Subjects ETCS
Psychology of Personality 7
Abnormal Psychology 7
Introduction to Statistics 6
Sensation and Perception 6
Media and Psychology 4
Epistemology 4
Semester IV
Subjects ETCS
Cognitive Psychology 7
Processing and Data Analysis 7
Social Psychology I 6
Psychology of Education and Learning Theories 6
Consumer Behavior 4
Anthropology and cross-cultural psychology 4
Year III
Semester V
Subjects ETCS
Foundation of Clinical and Health Psychology 7
Ethical issues in Psychology 7
Social Psychology II 6
Independent study/Practicum 6
Work and organizational psychology 4
Political psychology and intergroup conflict 4
Semester VI
Subjects ETCS
Bachelor Thesis 15
Psychological Tests and Measures 6
Counselling Psychology 5
Community Psychology and Social Change 4
Critical Thinking 4
Positive Psychology and the Psychology of Happiness 4