International Cooperation

UBT Nursing International Cooperation


The Nursing Education in Kosovo has not developed at the expected pace compared to other areas of health and education, given that there has been no standing and continuing institution to offer the opportunity for staff development and further academic qualifications.


On the other hand, the country is in dire need for further development of the nursing profession to both increase the number of nurses per 1000 population but also to cushion the effects of the brain drain and human capital flight to Western Europe.  The Kosovo Accreditation Agency, recognizing this vicious circle, has enabled institutions provisions to overcome this via international cooperation agreements.


UBT has established several standing international cooperation modalities with various regional and international institutions with different teaching and learning purposes. It has a standing agreement with :


(1) Semmelweis University for exchange of best practices, double degree, staff exchange and development and student exchange, Semmelweis University offers the opportunity  for further education and research at MSc and PhD level in Nursing for UBT students who are interested to move upwards in the nursing education ladder.


(2) University of Vlora for teaching staff in the Nursing Science,


(3) Morehead State University (US) on Pharmacy curriculum development and staff development.


(4) Kentucky University for Nursing, Pharmacy teaching materials, books and research,


(4) Waterford Institute of Technology


(5) Danube University Krems on Healthcare Management.