Industry Partnership

The success of a higher education institution is highly linked to local and international cooperation and partnerships. Within the Bachelor studies, UBT has cooperation agreements with many international universities, with some of the Family Medicine Centers, as well as with the Clinical Center of Kosovo.


Also, the recruitment of international lecturers provides good links with the international health and education system, relationships with the community, and industry.


Upon completion of the Bachelor in Nursing program, the student is qualified to work as a nursing intern and enter into multidisciplinary collaboration. The program provides the student with the necessary argumentation in both theoretical and clinical aspects of nursing, in line with the overall development of society, science and technology, as well as the requirements for nursing in the general population. General and specific competencies of nursing required in a development-based study environment, through research and regular clinical parts.


Graduates are also educated to work in the health service, providing nursing services to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly with acute, chronic, somatic or psychiatric illness services. They will also be able to plan, bring, evaluate and develop nursing based on active involvement and participation in these sectors. Through the practice of nursing, students will learn to promote and maintain health, as well as prepare for nursing services in preventive, rehabilitative, facilitative measures for individuals and groups in society.