Aims and Objectives

The aim of the program is to prepare graduates to achieve the responsibilities of both competent professionals and nurses by providing rehabilitation, promotional, curative and protective services. The Bachelor in Nursing program is based on profession and development. Occupational orientation means that the focus of the program is professional and focuses on developing and changing the profession of nursing and the health system. Development-oriented means that it focuses on experience, development and research work by enlightening the current state of professional development, as well as the need for development in relation to experiences of the profession and of the entire health care system.


The program meets the professional requirements and fulfills the directives of the European Union Directive on Nursing and Midwifery 2005/36 / EC as well as the previous directives governing the recognition of vocational education.


Advancing the program toward with those implemented in other countries in the European Union not only provides a balanced approach in terms of theory and practice, but also gives students the opportunity to transfer the same skills into another work context in function of Kosovo’s progress towards the implementation of EU Admission Criteria and freedom of movement of capital, people and goods.


The study program is based on well-documented practice, development and research work that reflect current trends in the profession, including changes in health and disease of the population that are part of the function and priorities of the system. The nurse contributes to the fulfillment of public health objectives in the health care system and the social system. The specific domain of the nurse includes the care of the elderly and the treatment of patients and citizens in order to make it easier for them to live with the disease or the threat of the disease. The nurse collaborates with other health care professionals to ensure health promotion, health maintenance, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and relief.