Center for Modern Music, Digital Production and Managment



CMMDPM – CENTER FOR MODERN MUSIC, DIGITAL PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT is the creative, scientific and developmental hub for Music in UBT.


CMMDPM hosts in its premises a well equipped studio and workspace suited to the professional standards of European twin Centers like IRCAM(France), ElektroMusik Studion(Sweden), Finish Academy of Music(Finland), Estonian Academy of Music(Estonia.


CMMDPM functions with a yearly program involving :


  • Regular workshops
  • Presentations
  • Public Debates
  • Conferences
  • Scientific Study groups
  • Concerts
  • Experimentation Platforms
  • Social/Cultural action Platforms


Within the CMMDPM hierarchy of staff there are :


Head of CMMDPM – PhD.cand.Liburn Jupolli



CMMDPM has been approved to start work by University Rector PhD.Edmond Hajrizi from 26.12.2018 and is in function since that date.


CMMDPM focuses research on :


  • Musical Documentation and Archiving in Kosovo
  • Musical Critique and Esthetique
  • Musicology related to genre development
  • Composition and Theoretical Research
  • Ethno musicological Research
  • Development of tools of expression(Acoustic and Digital)
  • Interdisciplinary convergence with Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Health, Linguistics, Physics and Mathematics
  • Luthiery – Traditional, Modern and Digital
  • Instrument Maintenance
  • Ensemble and Orchestral formation



The research will be conducted with a yearly plan compartmentalized with the staff structure and the supporting partner’s f CMMDPM locally and internationally.


The research will be engaged through all the above mentioned platforms and be published in a yearly CMMDPM Magazine, including all the research activity of the year within CMMDPM and Internationally with the supporting partners.


CMMDPM will also work with UBT in research related to the correct establishment of proper Acoustic environment for the University and all its facilities in Kosovo.