Curriculum Structure

The Bachelor Study Program of the Faculty of Modern Music, Digital Production and Management, is the first program of its kind in Kosovo. In addition, UBT College, in the continuation following the rapid growth regarding the new study programs is also taking into account the requirements of the industry as well as the requirements of new students. As a consequence, it has taken the initiative to establish this program in order to qualify new generations respectively in the field of modern music, production and music management.


Furthermore, the MMDPM Study Program is designed to meet the needs of professional staff in industry and various cultural institutions, such as: radio, television, online platforms, film, theater, festivals, etc. As such, this program is branched into five specializations from which potential MMDPM students will have the opportunity to choose them in compliance with their needs, preferences, their professional profile.


Study Plan / Curriculum

The curriculum of the Faculty of Modern Music, Digital Production and Management is designed in accordance with the didactic model “Modular” which means that the subjects are classified in groups and separate modules. As a result, depending on the nature and characteristics of the subjects, the study plan primarily relies on the curriculum and it is mainly based on important components: knowledge and skills. In this regard, knowledge and skills are taken in the orientation with explanatory theories from the theoretical and practical subjects.



Within the study plan the subjects are classified in four modules:


  • Module I- Main subjects of the profession,


  • Module II- General Professional Courses,


  • Module III- Professional Support Courses and


  • Module IV- Courses without credit (0 ECTS).



Despite the fact, among other subjects, the MMDPM curriculum represents a set of three elective courses with 0 credits (ECTS) which aim at engaging the student in practical and creative work. Consequently, along with these courses the most specific one is “Luthieri”,  which is comprised of lectures and practice work with a particular emphasis on the following components such as; the design, production and repair of musical instruments and which will be developed over two academic years. This course is specific and very important and is also the first course of this nature that is taught in any faculty of our country.