Students have a key role and are always at the center of all UBT College activities and plans. In this regard, academic and administrative staff is highly committed and dedicated to work and is never reluctant to when it comes to providing various services to students. Moreover, one of the main principles and policies applied in the College is that students are not only treated as clients, but they are considered and treated as equal colleagues and what is more important, as a party of interest without which the institution does not would exist. As a result, UBT is consistently working to maximize the opportunities and facilities for them. Indeed this enables them to become part of the work, development and progress of the College. The underlying aim of the institution is to continuously improve the teaching and learning processes, preparing graduates ready to be employed in the labor market of Kosovo, the region and even broader.


UBT College considers the right to study, as one of the fundamental principles of human rights. Consequently, College is open and welcomes all candidates interested in studying and advancing their careers. This creates an opportunity for everyone to progress and gain the necessary knowledge and skills in order to make use of them in their professional life.


Therefore, to enroll at UBT, each candidate must meet the requirements of the “Law on Higher Education in Kosovo”.  The candidate is required to submit a certificate that he or she has completed high school and passed the graduation exam; provide high school certificates and diplomas; birth certificate and a copy of the identity card.