Due to the nature of the music field, it is necessary to have special infrastructure which is considered necessary to hold lectures and exercises. As a consequence, these facilities enable students and professors to carry out respective academic activities not only the lectures but also the necessary exercises that the curriculum provides.


MMDPM spaces include: professional recording studio, exercise recording studio, computer labs, small ensemble rehearsal halls, orchestra and choir rehearsal halls, rooms with a capacity of up to 50 students, halls with a capacity of up to 30 students , space for repairing instruments (for Luthieri’s course), cabinets for individual lessons, technical rooms, etc.


All auditoriums of this faculty are equipped with piano or keyboard, blackboard with pentagram, projector cinema and desk with tables for students, cabinets or individual exercises are equipped with electric piano (Klavinova), the ensemble hall is equipped with it all the necessary instruments as well as the latest technology PA system, professional production studios are located in spaces with adequate acoustic insulation and are equipped with the most sophisticated technology of recent times.


Moreover, it is worth mentioning that UBT has made this investment in order for the students of this faculty to feel comfortable and to have the opportunity to study their profession in more modern spaces and with recent equipment.