Business administration is a broad field that deals largely with the supervision and oversight required to operate a business. This includes essential functions related to running a business, such as accounting, human resources, marketing, organizational behavior, e-business, etc. Jobs in business administration can focus on areas like general business administration, the logistics of finances, international business, and information technology. During the three years of study, students will gain specific knowledge in the field of business administration where students acquire knowledge and experience based on the theoretical and practical means of the program. The program prepares students to assume many roles in the business industry. Graduates gain an understanding of macro and microeconomics, business law, finances, and entrepreneurship. Students also analyze and apply principles of business ethics, marketing trends, resource management, and decision-making. Students also practice presenting their findings to a variety of audiences, developing analytical thinking and interpersonal skills. Additionally, they learn how to act as a leader in a business setting. The student is expected to be prepared in general terms at both academic and professional levels, understanding key academic and business principles. The program is designed to enable students to focus their studies on different areas related to business administration.