Academic staff is one of the most important assets of any higher education institution. The quality of human resources is seen as a key to success and aspirations of the faculty of the Art and Digital Media faculty. Due to the fact that this program is in compliance with European standards, it has recruited highly qualified academic staff with scientific and professional backgrounds in the field of local and international Art and Creative Industries.

Furthermore, lecturers, tutors and technicians are artists, theorists, and digital media specialists. With their interdisciplinary approach, they are capable of providing a wide range of practical and theoretical courses, offering a broad scope of knowledge, offering students creative, innovative ideas, interpretations and approaches. As a result, their teaching strategy is mainly focused on experimentation, research, interdisciplinary collaboration, based on global information and awareness.


As a consequence, the program of the Faculty of Art and Digital Media is based on the correct development of the objectives and content of the curriculum, which is oriented towards the research, experimental, creative and critical process. The program adopts a well-balanced theoretical, practical, artistic and digital programming mastery.


In this perspective, studios are highly important for the study program Digital Arts and Media. They are specifically intended to encourage students to be able to explore social, economic and environmental contexts, capable of communicating through their creativity, being up-to-date with the technological and aesthetic developments of digital art and media.


Within the framework of the broad field of digital media art and practice, students can choose their preferred medium and method, to generate ideas and carry out their goals.


The ethos of the Digital Art and Media program is based on the development and practice of self-directed learning, where education is student-centered, thus placing the student and his / her needs at the center of the education process. Students are encouraged to use their diverse interests and experiences while appreciating the differences between them and their peers.


Dean: Gazmend Ejupi 
Coordinator: Mirjeta Arifi and Bardha Meta