Aims and Objectives

The main purpose of the Art and Digital Media program is to provide students with theoretical
and practical knowledge, in compliance with the latest technology trends so that the staff from
this institution can be distinguished in the job market. In addition, the theoretical and practical
knowledge they will acquire at UBT will serve them as they pursue their careers.


The Art and Digital Media program is designed to train students through the application of appropriate practices, such as drawing, painting, modeling, photography, installation, video effects, and digital image.


Therefore, this program also provides students with knowledge and practices from painting,
sculpture, installation, performing arts, video, film and animation.


Despite the fact, the program is designed to produce competent and confident artists who possess key skills and personal and social responsibility, compliant to professional art and digital media practices at a professional level.


Consequently, the program has been adapted to cope with the challenges of the changing cultural and social environment of today’s post-industrial era.