Aims and Objectives

The Agricultural and Environmental Engineering is a study program which is mainly designed to elaborate scientific principles to their practical and commercial applications related to agricultural production technology.  However, the key goal is to maintain and improve the quality and safety of production and environment .In this perspective the core mission is to enhance the level of university and postgraduate education, as well as to deal with scientific research and consulting work related to Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

In the framework of its orientation, towards the study of natural resources and sustainable management, this faculty is quite necessary for every country.  In this regard, it is worth emphasizing that this is a unique study program offered in Kosovo. In addition, the underlying aim of this faculty is to provide scientific knowledge and democratic values, to train young specialists and scientists, to be a permanent center of continuous training, as well as to provide leadership and expertise for judging and addressing agricultural and environmental problems at the level local, national and broader.

Furthermore, IAM has a vision for the long-term interest of fulfilling the function and mission, creating a perspective for the new generation, modernization and reform of the education system in Kosovo, regional and European integrations in the field of agriculture and environment. The main vision of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering lies in the transfer of knowledge and competencies to future experts in these fields:


  • Plant production and animal raw materials and food security;
  • Processing of plant and animal raw materials;
  • Implementation of good practices in plant and animal production, preservation of the living environment;
  • Financing and marketing strategies for agricultural products;
  • Implementation of good agricultural practices in agriculture, preservation of their and human health, food safety, environment, etc.
  • To be a center of excellence respectively in the field of training, research, distribution and consulting services in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, UBT is ready to take on this responsibility believing in the academic and professional capacity it possesses.


Objectives of the study program – Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

  • Training of specialists and researchers capable of contributing in the field of agriculture and environment and / or sustainable socio-economic development of the country;
  • To provide knowledge in response to problems in the field of agriculture and in the current field of environment, as well as to train worthy specialists for the labor market at home and abroad.
  • To train specialists with practical skills and professional competence in the field of agricultural and environmental engineering, to be able to perform various expertise in the respective fields of agriculture and environment, as well as natural resources;
  • To provide qualitative studies and expertise through courses within the framework of the implementation of lifelong learning policy and to create the opportunity of gaining in-depth knowledge and qualifications in the field of agricultural and environmental engineering;
  • Enhancement of knowledge through the training of skilled professionals and its application in the development of human potential, in order to develop a modern society in Kosovo oriented towards development, aiming at the acquisition of modern global trends in the social and social aspect, as well as in the educational one;

With its educational and scientific programs, UBT foster as well as develop interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration with a particular emphasis on the field of agriculture and environment. In the meantime, to carry out an integral research of development problems, which are at a large scale multidisciplinary and related to the interests of a wide range of professions.