Research, Partnership and Collaboration

List of international cooperation in research and teaching


TEMPUS Programme 1 & 2 – Curriculum Development Bachelor and Master Study Mechatronics Management in Kosovo (ULMK) & (MSMMK) – The program provides a well-structured education in principles of mechanical, electrical and computer engineering and management. Different modules are structured in order to equip the student with the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.The mechatronics engineering program at UBT is the only one of its kind in the country and the region.The need for a study program that combines aspects of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, control systems and computer systems was seen as extremely important for the country and the region. Moreover training the future generations of engineers and giving them a comprehensive set of skills is extremely important for engineering industry and for society.


TEMPUS Programme 3 – Supporting and Developing the Structures for the  Q&A at the Private Higher Education Institutions in Kosova”- The TEMPUS project focused was definition quality assurance that can be understood as all actions taken to ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements. In particular for higher education institutions this definition implies, that quality assurance is a continuous process of improvement accompanying the development of knowledge and experience in a given discipline, the requirements of the market and the stakeholders and the national and international legislative demands.


TEMPUS  Programme4 – “Encouraging the process of curriculum development based on learning outcomes in the privat higher education institution of Kosova “- The Project is designed to provide support the HEI of Kosovo for Curriculum design based on learning outcomes, involvement of stakeholders, and sharing the experience regarding curriculum design from the different EU universities. UBT is very much dedicated to the project and always contribute with its experience in order it increase the benefit as it is aim of the project.


TEMPUS Programme 5 – UBT is also part of the Tempus 5 programme on higher education.


ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme –EM2STEM (2010-2014)- The first tangible outcome of this new partnership has been the formation of a consortium of 18 universities (led by City University), to bid for Erasmus Mundus EM2-STEM (Western Balkans) funding for 264 staff and student motilities at Bachelor, Masters and PhD levels.  The bid designated UBT as coordinator for the eight universities from the Western Balkans.  The bid was successful, with Euro 3.9 million awarded over three years; a total of 37 mobility places allocated to Kosovo (second highest allocation); the kick-off meeting was held in Berlin in January 2011.  


ERASMUS MUNDUS Programme –SIGMA   (2012-2016) – Based on evaluation and results of the UBT students during the mobility at Erasmus Mundus Programm EM2STEM, UBT is again part of the consortium fir a new Erasmus Mundus Programm called SIGMA.Through this programm UBT will make possible the mobility of about 20 student to the EU partner Universities (see list below) and welcomes all intereseted student to be part of the UBT study programs.Through the program UBT, and its students,  are doing promotion of the Kosovo’s young generation  oriented to the global education.


AEP Academic Exchange Programme –  UBT and Jovik University Norway have reached an agreement of cooperation in staff development, teching and research.


UBT- City University Joint-Research – UBT and City University London have signed a cooperation agreement for joint research.


SEECEL- The South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning – UBT has been part of the SEECEL The South  East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning  (SEECEL) that is  a  regional institution  with   a mission to promote inclusion of entrepreneurial learning and  entrepreneurial literacy  in  eight pre accession countries of South  East Europe (SEE). SEE- CEL is financed by the European Union (EU). There is widespread recognition that entrepreneurship is the driving force behind national economies and    societies.   Entrepreneurship   brings    benefits both at the society level and at the individual level through personal satisfaction and    achievement, while also promoting sustainable and smart growth and development.Parallel to the evolution of the field of entrepreneurship, there is increasing interest in the development of educational programs to encourage and foster individual entrepreneurial competences.


Improvement of investment and entrepreneurial climate in Kosovo- Kosova/EU-Czech Republic/SOROS – The project expects to impact on Kosovo regions abilities to create favorable conditions for attracting FDI and accelerating economic transformation. As the Kosovo regional development players often lack examples and best practice on how to actively promote FDI and attract foreign investors, the project’s anticipated impact should result in strengthened capacities of regional development agencies and their nongovernmental counterparts. This, in turn, should lead to increase of number of FDI projects located in Kosovo regions; and, ultimately, to accelerated social and economic transformation of Kosovo regions with all associated positive effects. International impact expected from the outcomes and results of the activities of this initiative. On the international level the project hopes to lead to improved international competitiveness of Kosovo since FDI projects located in a host economy directly impact on country’s business sophistication, infrastructure development, market efficiency and capacity for innovation – all of which are included in global competitiveness measures (e.g. Global Competitiveness Index). Workshop for all institution involved in the attracting the Foreign Direct Investment. Study visit for 12 stakeholders involved in strategy created for FDI.


Investment Friendly Municipality-Kosova/EU-Czech Republic/Local Government – Provision of highly practical advice, expertise and know-how in FDI promotion to municipalities of a selected Kosovo region. Sharing of an internationally recognized accreditation methodology developed in the Czech Republic with Kosovo partners. Accreditation of up to 15 municipalities from a selected Kosovo region in FDI promotion and further. Increased awareness about the role of FDI in economic development in Kosovo.


Feasibility Study for Economic Zone of Gjilan and Novoberde Municipality- Kosova/EU-Czech Republic/Local Government – This study was commissioned by Kosovo municipalities of Gjilan and Novobërdë to determine the market demand and financial viability Of  establishing an economic zone in Llabjan.The study was prepared under a Czech development cooperation program Aid for Trade 2013 by a Czech contractor CzechINVENT  Technology Agency and Quality Kosova Institution of UBT.