Research Support & Infrastructure

UBT Research Support


UBT Supports Research through its Research Fund, Research Training and Support to External Research Applications. The institution routinely makes available research and professional development allowances to staff and direct support for the agenda of designated research chairs.   


Research fund supports research that is aligned closely with College strategic priorities. The general principle governing the allocation of all research funding in the College is that it should be seen as an investment that will maximise the range of outcomes that the College expects to result from staff and student research.


A portion of RF supports early career researchers and is allocated by the Research Department.All applications for external funding are to be submitted through Research Department. Applications made will be managed by RD. It will liaise with the applicant (s), Deans, Centre Directors and the funder. Academic leave is allocated at the department level. Academic staff are eligible to apply for leave in support of their research including: Research and Study Leave, International Conference Leave.


The College also considers one-time support on ad hoc basis for special purposes such as international conferences and seed or matching funds for competitive external grants. In addition, the Institute has three research support programs to which faculty may apply: submission grants, conference travel support and undergraduate research assistantships.