Research Funding

Research Funding

UBT Research Office is closely interested in finding funding opportunities for the ongoing and probable future research areas and priorities that UBT has. Erasmus Plus and Horizon 2020 are the two main programs that UBT has made applications through international partnerships. In 2018 applications UBT made five Research Project applications in Erasmus plus Key Action 2 window (Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education Institutions). The titles of the projects are as follows:

  • Curriculum Development in Environmental Engineering through Integration of Education, Research, Innovation and Industry
  • Improving the quality of operations of Higher Education Institutions through digitalization of the Libraries
  • International Open Innovation Center
  • The Development and Implementation of competence-oriented Computer Science Curricula
  • Innovation and Technology Management in Kosova and Albania


UBT Research office will make new project applications to fund the research activities in the following year related with the areas below:

  • Development of Quality Assurance Frameworks in Higher Education Institutions
  • Digitalization of the Operations in the Higher Education Institutions
  • Opening up a Legal Counseling Center for privileged
  • Curricula Development for the new Departments that are planned to be opened
  • Curricula Moderations and Advancements for the existing departments
  • Establishment of a Transdisciplinary Research Center

Additional research applications will be added to this list up until the upcoming deadline of the applications.

UBT Research Center together with Rector Dr. Hajrizi also participated in the HORIZON 2020 Info Days  Kosova and got informed about the probable project applications and partnership opportunities by the experts of the European Commission.

UBT is also in contact with the institutions like USAID, GIZ and other international offices with respect to enhancing research capacities of the institution


Potential Areas for Outreach to Private and Governmental Entities

Via  potential partnership opportunities with the below mentioned groups through specified priorities, UBT is willing to fund the future Research Projects




Strategic Human Resources Management

System Development

Globalization and Global Economic Opportunities

Business Enabling Environment

Atomization and Robotics


II. Private Sector

HR Development

Information Communication Technologies

System Development

Intercultural Competence and International Business


III. Government Sector

System Development of Public Administration

Health Care Systems and It

Spatial Planning and Sustainable Design

Good Governance

Economic Development

Regional and EU Integration