Research Training

The Staff development plan of UBT has several key objectives: (a) to provide a framework for allowing appropriate development opportunities that are de-signed to improve the knowledge, skills and behaviors of staff which will enhance personal growth and effectiveness if individuals, teams and the organization in the pursuit of excellence in all of its activities and strategies. (b) to facilitate the process of change; (c) To promote a developmental ethos; (d) to outline various staff development support plans for each institutional strategy; (e) to embed all staff development activity into the institutions’ academic calendar.


Staff development is an integral part of the UBT strategic planning process. The institution recognizes that institutional excellence can only be achieved and maintained by appropriately skilled, experienced and motivated staff. Therefore the institution is committed to: (a) Resource staff development and require Departments to provide developmental plans as part of Financial Planning Process, (b) (b) Establish performance indicators against which Departments and individuals can be measured, (c) Identify and provide selected and targeted develop-ment activities supporting each institutional strategy and the overall Strategic Plan.


The priorities that emerged from the consultation of senior members of staff within the institution are:

(1) Supporting the professional development of those in management roles within the institution – all newly appointed to a management role are given appropriate levels of support when undertaking a management / leadership role;

(2) Supporting managers in addressing performance issues – there is a need to address the range of performance issues that can arise at various stages of a member of staff’s working life within the Institute e.g. induction, probation and later stages. Support is required both for the manager / leader and the individual member of staff;

(3) Supporting staff in the professional development of lecturers and researchers – there is a need to develop clearly articulated development pathways for all staff across all categories who have a teaching and / or a research role. This should be linked where appropriate to newly agreed criteria for promotion and reward. All staff involved in teaching should be encouraged to seek further academic qualifications;

(4) Supporting e-learning activity – this is an area of development that has two strands: (a) the technical expertise of on line teaching i.e. Web CT knowledge and (b) the pedagogy of learning using an ‘on line’ environment;

(5) Supporting Staff in Technology and Knowledge Transfer – there is a need to support staff in all their activities in relation to technology and knowledge transfer. In particular support is required in the development of consultancy skills and knowledge, understanding of Intellectual Property and the impact of its management on the institution.


Research Trainings

The Research office of the UBT provides research trainings to the UBT staff. The trainings are provided in five sessions throughout the year in the following format:

Session 1

Topics to be covered

  • Establishment of the Research Idea (Problem Statement)
  • Finding out the Research Questions
  • Finding out the Research Objectives
  • Writing the research Proposal including the below components


  • Problem Statement
  • Research questions and objectives
  • Back ground of the study
  • Methodology
  • Timeline of the study
  • Budget


Session 2

Topics to be covered

  • Literature Review
  • Rephrasing
  • Citation
  • Plagiarism
  • Using Software for References


Session 3

Topics to be covered

  • Methodology
  • Formulating the Research Design
  • Data Collection
  • Preparing the Questionnaire



Session 4

Topics to be covered

  • Analyzing the Data
  • One Sample T Test
  • Dependent Samples T test
  • Independent Samples T Test


Session 5

Topics to be covered

  • Analyzing the Data
  • Chi Square Test
  • Correlation
  • Regression


The trainings are provided by the research office members and international senior researchers.

A conference related with `Plagiarism and ways to protect from it` will also be held at the UBT facilities.


Moreover, below training sessions will be provided to UBT staff in the upcoming academic year in order to enhance their competences with respect to quantitative and qualitative Research

-STATA Training for Quantitative Research

-R Training for Quantitative Research

-NVivo Training for Qualitative Research


PhD Preparation School is another Research Training activity that takes place at UBT to help young scholars with respect to preparing their research proposals in order for their acceptance to the international PhD programs.