Visar Hoxha

Visar Hoxha

  • Dr.Sc.
  • Part Time Staff

Professor Dr. Visar Hoxha possesses ten years of experience in teaching, consulting and research in the field of real estate, sustainable energy buildings, and sustainable energy design. Possesses thirteen years of experience in managing international companies with international partner institutions. Background includes ten years of teaching, six years of research, and ten years of consultancy.


Some of the selected professional highlights of Professor Hoxha has been presented below:

– Provision of advise to GIZ Land Cadastre Reform;
– Provision of advise to Municipal Cadastral Offices in Kosovo;
– Provision of advise to Association of Realtors of Kosovo;
– Provision of advise to Association of Kosovo Surveyors;
– Provision of advise to Association of Real Estate Appraisers of Kosovo




Former Vice President of Kosovo Real Property Appraisers Association and representative of Kosovo in TEGOVA

Member of Scientific Committee, Annual Conference of Interdisciplinary Research on Real Estate –


Knowledge Profile