Scientific Research

UBT intends to support clinical and basic research to establish the scientific basis for individual care across the life span.  Research themes extend to care provided in a variety of settings including community healthcare and extends to patients, families and caregivers. The research at the Pharmacy Department is structured around fourt themes that closely reflect the Kosovo Government health priorities. These are: health services and patient safeety, mental health, respiratory and infectious diseases and cardiovascular and diabetes.


    • Health Services and Patient Safety:  Pharmacy focuses on research that informs health policy and influences practice. This theme takes a system-wide view to ensure that research and innovation is able to improve health outcomes for consumers and improve the safety and effectiveness of the health system
    • Mental Health:  Drugs play a major part in the treatment of mental illness, giving pharmacists the potential to play a significant role in delivering treatment and services to mental health patients. The aim of research under this theme is to develop treatment for neurological diseases and increase the diversity of agents to investigate potential receptors and targets in treatment.
    • Health Inequality and Social Determinants of Health, Research into respiratory diseases in the faculty attempts to uncover the impact of various drugs in asthma lung diseases treaatment. It also seeks to improve lung function and quality of life for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
    • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease – Research attempts to examine several key aspects to reduce accumulation of ‘bad’ cholesterol in cardiovascular disease and to improve treatment of diabetes. The topics focus on pharmaceutical upregulation of transporters to enhance cholesterol removal from atherosclerotic lesions. This is closely linked to projects using molecular modeling, computational chemistry, as well as herbal medicines, drug design and development of new anti-atherosclerotic and anti-diabetic drugs.