Labs, Centers and Institutes

The programme has a Mechatronics Lab that includes:


(1) A modular, flexible production system – with three different stations, consisting of stations for handling, distributing, testing, sorting of different parts and a pallet transfer system. The system was designed for training and research in handling technology, assembly, disassembly logistics, PLC programmng, electro-pneumatic, sensor technologies, analogue measurements, position control, I/O communication, AC motors and frequency converter,


(2) Laboratory system for fundamentals of pneumatics and electro-pneumatics – the system consists of a single and double acting cylinders, solenoid valwes, two and three fod electricl limit switches, proximity switches, pressure sensors, flow and control valves,


(3) Laboratory system for PLC – the system consists of the first module of CPU, analog expansion, temperature module, simulation software, data acquisition interface board,


(4) Education robotics – it includes an education robot and robot soccer system. In addition, the lab includes other essenial tools for practice.