Mechatronics Engineering

The concept of mechatronics education at UBT College is the result of the emerging industrial production and processing industry in Kosovo. The request for industry-academic engineering courses in mechatronics courses was not satisfied till the last decade when UBT in cooperation with leading Austrian practitioners developed the first Mechatronics Engineering programme. The initial survey of the industry had clearly pointed out the needs of industry towards mechatronics, reflecting the decisive role that automation, electronic, and system thinking had gained in mechanical engineering branches. Thus, the foundation of mechatronics at UBT was characterized by strong market pull for this type of education in view of the overwhelming role mechatronics and engineering play in the emerging Kosovo industry. UBT, as part of an EU Erasmus-supported project, was accredited and operated a Mechatronics Engineering programme in the past few years. Since no traditional engineering disciplines had been established in UBT before, the programme had operated from scratch.

The mechatronics graduates at UBT are expected to be able to adapt quickly to the trends in the industry, to respond quickly to the needs of the market and to adopt an integrative approach in product and process development, and by virtue of their knowledge and experience in various disciplinary skills, be more competent team leaders. The graduates will be required to work in an industrial environment deploying advanced technology according to mechatronics principles as well as communicate with and provide a link between a specialist in a particular area with the requirements of Kosovans businesses. They will also be able to make significant contributions in all stages of engineering design – from conceptualisation to final product design in a truly systemic approach where electrical, electronic, computer, and mechanical subsystems are simultaneously designed to function as an integrated while, as a single system.

The study program aims to produce engineers who are committed to a career in mechatronics with a variety of different employers inside and outside Kosovo. The programme emphasises the importance of producing original thinkers who are able to take an imaginative approach to the solution of a wide range of engineering problems.

Graduates of Mechatronics Program, self-esteemed, innovative and curious for new developments, can efficiently work in multidisciplinary environments and therefore are very suitable to team-work and conduct their occupation properly according to the ethical and scientific regulations.

Moreover, training the future generations of engineers and giving them a comprehensive set of skills is extremely important for the engineering industry as a whole and for society.

Core Values

The educational, scientific research, professional, and publishing activities, as well as professional administrative services, of the Faculty, are founded upon the following values:

  • Personal approach to students
  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • Ethicality
  • Communicativeness
  • Collegiality
  • Effectiveness
  • Cooperativeness
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Readiness for the solution of difficulties
  • Lifelong education