The bachelor program of Information Systems accommodates a wide diversity of backgrounds and learning environments. The bachelor curriculum is appropriate for: new secondary school graduates, professionals seeking to upgrade their skills and professionals from other fields seeking a change in careers.  There are several typical job profiles in professional application of the program:


  • Information Systems: application developer/consultant, business analyst/consultant, business process engineer, systems analyst/consultant/developer, programmer analyst, software engineer, and database administrator.
  • Data Communications and Networking: network administrator, network engineer, network analyst/consultant, and data communications specialist.
  • Information Management: business analyst/consultant, knowledge manager, IT project manager, business intelligence consultant, and ERP consultant.


In the other hand the master program of study is open to students that have completed a bachelor program equivalent to at least 180 ECTS at any accredited institution in Kosovo.  Students that have graduated in information systems, computer science, business informatics, technology and engineering, mathematics and business administration, natural sciences would be admitted provided that they have demonstrated achievements in prior studies – students with grades 7.5/10 and higher are directly considered for admission into the programme.  All other applications would be considered on individual basis (at least 60 ECTS in computer science and economics.