Scientific Research

UBT intends to support clinical and basic stomatology research to establish the scientific basis for individual care across the life span.  Research themes extend to care provided in a variety of settings including community healthcare and extends to patients, families and caregivers.  It covers the management of patients during illness and recovery, the reduction of risks for dental disease, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and integration of information technology in dental services.


The research plan on stomatology is organised in fourt themes:

  • Dental Biomaterics – research topics focus on dental materials that could be utilised in the treatment process
  • Oral Health – research topics focus on the system for promotion, prevention and treatment of dental caries, periodontal disease and tooth loss
  • Biomedical engineering and prosthetics – the research topics focus on integrating advanced mechatronics systems and nano technology in treating dental diseases
  • Computer use in dentistry – the research topics focus on integrating contemporary information technology hardware and software to support dental health management and treatment.