Labs, Centers & Institutes

Laboratories are present in the lecture and seminar amphitheatres, as well as the infrastructure related to management of the study program and the student’s library.

The preclinical and clinical facilities where are going to be carried out the dental practice are located in the second floor of UBT, in the Innovation Campus in Lipjan. The floor is divided in the clinical and preclinical part.

The preclinical part is comprised of three rooms:

  • A room for preclinical treatment phantoms with different simulation practices;
  • A dental laboratory with working facilities for at least 10-12 students and technicians and
  • An additional laboratory room to carry out and fulfill the procedures concerning the throwing of gypsum in the ground floor. In the building there exist a panoramic machinery with x-ray and per apical X-ray (roentgen X-rays) units and other sequence x-rays.
  • Whereas the clinical room is comprised of 25 dental chairs:
  • 3 are related  to the division of proteins dentistry
  • 12 are related to the division of Restorative Dentistry (Preventive Dentistry, Endodontic etc).
  • 3 are related to the division of Period Ontology
  • 3 are related to the division of Orthodontics
  • 3 are related to the division of Oral Surgery


UBT has build and equipped laboratories for enabling practical learning of students, as well as research activity in the domains of food sciences and bitechnoilogy. In relevance to the scope of this study program, the following labs are available with relevant equipment: Laboratory for microbiology, Laboratory for biochemistry, Laboratory of physico-chemical analysis, Laboratory of instrumental analysis, Sensoric laboratory and Storage.


List of lab equipment and other materials:


Lab Equipment and Qnty
Preparatory Lab Instruments
Digestor 1S
Destilator 1
Analytical or technical weight (0.01-0.0001 decimals) 1
Autoclave 1
Dishwasher 1
Lab for Physico –chemical analysis Instruments
  Digestor 1
Analytical weight (0.01-0.0001 decimals) 1
Water bath 1
Centrifuge (gerber) 1
Soxhlet extractor 1
Kjeldahl apparatus 1
Polarimeter 1
Refractometer 1
pH meter 3
Conductometer 1
TDS-meter 1
Turbidimeter 1
Krioscope 1
  Air Humidity Meter | PCE Instruments 1
Viscometer 1
Tintometer 1
Aerometers (different types)
Alcohol meter 1
Salinometer 1
Lactodensimeter 1
Stopwatch 4
Lab grinder 1
Blender (mix er) 1
Farinograph 1
Extensograph 1
Amylograph 1
Volumenometer 1
Digidal densometer 1
Digital thermometer 4
Hygrometer 4
Glutograph 1
Ekomilk 1
Beta star (with incubator) 1
Magnetic mixer 4
Refrigator 1
Automatic pipettes  6
Thermometers  6
Titration instruments ( Manual and automatic) 4
Osmometer 1
Photometer 1
 Penetrometer 1
Subler digital 1
Calibrator for fruits and vegetables 1
Consistometer 1
aw meter 1
Muffle oven 1
Rotavapor 1
Desiccant silica gel
Volumetric flasks  (transparent, dark)
Glass Volumetric flasks (100, 500, 1000, 5000 ml)
Cylinders (50,100, 250, 500, 1000 ml)
Various pipettes
Centrifuge pipettes made of glass and plastic
Durham vessel with nozzle
Petri dishes
Erlenmayers (different volumes)
Vessel holders
Spiritus lamp
Separator hoppers
Bending cooler
Plastic spoons
Mortars- porcelain
Tools for taking and preserving samples
Tools for anaerobe conditions
Litmus paper
Plastic bottle for distilled water
Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA) 1
Elemental Analyser 1
TOC  Analyser 1
Microwave MDS6 1
Biochemic analyser 1
Microbiologic Lab Instruments
Autoclave 1
Water bath 1
Stomacher (for food) 1
Sterilizator 1
Magnetic mixer 1
Laminar table 1
Incubator 3
Incubator (with cooling system for psycrofil microorganisms) 1
Optical microscope 15
Colony counter 1
Materials for Microbiologic lab
Microbiologic propipette 2
Microbiologic propipette (plastic or glass)
Petry containers (plastic or glass)
Sterile spreaders and inoculation loops
Nutritional and selective terrains
Microorganism painting colors
Glassware (Erlenmayers, glasses, cylindres etc.
Pharmaceutical chemistry Instruments
Somatocel-(FOSSSOMATIC) 1
Spectrophotometer 1
Gas Chromatography 1
Liquid chromatography with high performance HPLC 1
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer 1
Sensoric Lab Equipment
Table, with drawers 1