Rector’s Speech

Honorable students, professors, colleagues, parents, academic and institutional partners of UBT.

Allow me to congratulate you on the fiftieth anniversary of the work of IEME and UBT.

In 2001, we started work with the aim of developing professional and academic competencies, in line with European and international standards, in order to enhance competitiveness, economic, social development and international integration.

The need for a professional leader is a daily requirement.

This means that for those who know the profession well, their prospects are open all over the world. We are working every day to develop a personality that is highly professionally prepared, committed to work, high degree of creativity and innovation, builds partnerships with others, assists itself and society, its work is based on facts and results, has a high intercultural and interdisciplinary skills, but there is also a modern communication based on the highest values.

So, work at UBT has and has exactly the purpose: providing the tools and skills needed to make rational decisions that guarantee successes and results based on the highest academic, professional, and human values.

UBT is at the service of those who want through research, research, training and consultation to benefit and increase their prestige in society, to be successful in their profession, and to create and experience a quality and value life .

Our main task is to offer the latest achievements in management science, business excellence, modern technology, robotics, architecture, design, spatial planning, international relations, diplomacy, justice, European integration , in media and communication, in health sciences, in food science and technology, but also in social competence.

UBT was established in order to be a leading and innovative institution in the country.

New, interdisciplinary and innovative studies, a highly accredited academic staff from around the world, modern laboratories and infrastructure, partnerships with affiliates and academic institutions, strong liaison with the economy, scientific and research institutes, centers of excellence, the success of the achievement of our students in employment, the representation of Kosovo in European championships, in competition with their innovative ideas and ideas in business and technology, active participation in forums and international conferences, are the best examples and evidence for this.

This position of UBT comes as a result:

… of a long-standing commitment of students to study and build a knowledge and a leader personality in one of the chosen professions in order to achieve a higher quality of life for themselves and for society.

It is no coincidence that our slogan is already known as “Top sity for Top Students”.

The first part of the slogan makes no sense without the second part ….

… a modern curriculum that we have designed and developed for years, based on European and American standards of study, but also based on the needs and demands that emerge from the labor market in the country.

The study curricula are designed in a way that links the two best-known schools of quality in the world: the European and American schools.

Our students study with curricula that are the same as those studying in Detroit of the United States of America, with those in Vienna in Austria or with Waterford in Ireland, because together with these partner sites and others we have create our new and modern curriculum.

New interdisciplinary research programs for the needs of society have been created and offered:

Computer Science and Engineering

Management, Business and Economics

Management of Mechatronics

Political Science

Information Systems

Architecture and Spatial Planning

Construction Engineering (Construction) and Infrastructure


International and European Business Law

Media and Communication

Public Policy and Management

Energy Engineer

Efficient Energy Engineering

Health Sciences and Technology (Nursing)

Integrated Design

Food Science and Biotechnology

… an engagement of well selected and carefully selected academic staff, with a high international experience, both in science and professional terms.

More than 1000 professors and experts from the country and the world (four continents, about 250 sites and world renowned partner institutions) have brought and are continuing to bring UBT experience and knowledge into our programs and projects.

At UBT you may have the opportunity to meet students, professors, experts, diplomats … from all over the world.

This has created a unique international, intercultural and interdisciplinary environment not only in Kosovo but also beyond. During these 15 years, work and studies have been organized in Albanian, English, German and French.

… a modern management system. We at UBT have designed a management system that includes the best practices of prestigious areas in the world, international standards, modern concepts, not forgetting the real factors of the environment where it operates, so this site (system) new to be as qualitative, flexible, as creative and innovative as possible.

During the construction of this system it was necessary to take into consideration the innovations that this system brings in the country and abroad, both professionally, functionally and economically.

… also because UBT, among other things:

– From the beginning of the work has applied and has won projects of the European Union and European Union countries,

– Represents Kosovo in the European Project “Erasmus Mundus”;

– It is the first and only institution to date that has been internationally certified with the international ISO 9001 quality standard since 2007;

– It is the first and only institution in the Republic of Kosovo honored with the Excellence Award since 2014;

– He has represented Kosovo and has taken first place in robotics competitions in Europe;

– Has joined and represents Kosovo at the World Organization for Project Management;

– Has joined and represents Kosovo in the European Organization for Quality;

– Has joined Kosovo and represents it at the World Organization for Engineering;

– Represents Kosovo in the European Entrepreneurship Program;

– Conduct scientific and international conferences on a continuous basis;

– Has developed labs, centers of excellence, mythical technology and science instrukture;

– Has developed research and development institute for economic development, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation and other institutes for research and development;

– There are cooperation agreements with over 240 institutions in the world and a direct link to the economy;

– Observe and certify persons according to international standards;

– Organizes study visits for students, institutions and businesses;

– Has developed strategies, projects and researches for different institutions and sectors of society;

… that UBT is consistently:

investing in infrastructure and technology;
by increasing and professionalizing the academic and administrative staff;
increasing the number of projects, research, publications and international collaborations;
enhancing partnerships with the economy to enable the realization of practices during study and employment;
by improving our processes in the academic and organizational terms, using the latest methods and technologies;
we have done and do many other jobs every day so that success is guaranteed.
In addition to the results and successes over the past 15 years, IEME – UBT has also gone through many challenges.

Often we have the impression that we have done a pioneering job, which has given its results.

So this success comes as a result of the great and tireless work of all of us.

On this occasion, I would like to thank UBT leadership, faculties, departments, staff, students, UBT ambassadors, partners, institutions and other individuals involved with hours, months and years to make this decade of work successful.

Personally, I have to thank my family well without the support of which I had no opportunity to engage in a very complex project with high professional, legal and financial responsibility. sitemap is a multidisciplinary and highly complex system.

Designing and managing such a system from the start was really a big challenge. However, it was and remains our motive to pass / push the limit of academic, scientific and professional values.

In this way we will continue to work and cooperate closely to support a sustainable development and growth, supporting excellence, innovation, modern technologies, interculturality, economic, social development and cultivating the highest national culture and values , European and international.

Prof. Dr. Edmond Hajrizi,

Founder and President