German Language

Information regarding the study program


The purpose of this program is to train and certify participants for beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, and advanced level, for those who have little knowledge of the German language, and in meantime need a strong basis to continue achieve an utmost proficiency of this language.


In each level the participants prepare to gain the required skills to continue with the next levels.


Expected outcomes:


  • Writing skills;
  • Reading skills;
  • Listening and talking;
  • Developing English vocabulary through conversation;
  • Development of critical thinking while reading the text;


Duration of the program: 160 to 320 hours / depending on the level


Credits obtained during the program:

Credits: Not applicable


Course syllabus:

  • First Level A1 160 hours
  • Second Level A2 160 hours
  • Third Level B1 180 hours
  • Fourth Level B2 280 hours
  • Fifth Level C1 280 hours
  • Level Six C2 320 hours