Administrative Assistant

Program overview

The aim of this program is to train and certify participants for the position of Administrative Assistant, in order to attest to the professional knowledge and skills of the modern functioning of an Administrative Assistant.

At the end of the course students are asked to prove their knowledge, by drafting letters, memos and e-mails, using examples and guidelines for effective document drafting, structuring, etc.

Among others they are also required to prove their professional skills in prioritizing, managing calls, effectively using Mail Merge and MS Outlook, preparing meetings and minutes, organizing events and efficient scheduling, as well as all skills and other skills that an Administrative Assistant should have.


Expected outcomes

  • Effective drafting of documents;
  • Priority setting;
  • Call management;
  • Preparation of minutes;
  • Organizing agendas.

Program duration: 40 working days (244 hours)

Credits obtained during the program:

Credits: 14 credits


Course syllabus is comprised of:

  • Communication skills
  • Effective presentation
  • Office security
  • Modern business correspondence
  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Administrative skills
  • Office management and organization
  • Compilation of reports
  • Dealing with difficult collaborators
  • Finance for administrative officials
  • Perfection of Customer Care
  • Marketing
  • Computer skills


Learning outcomes:

  • Will gain administrative and communication skills;
  • Will be able to manage stress and time;
  • Be able to organize and manage the office;
  • Will be able to compile reports;
  • Learn how to deal with difficult customers and associates;
  • Learn about Information Technology and Elementary Mathematics;
  • Implement Marketing in practice;
  • Understand finances from a non-financier perspective.