Aims and Objectives

Within the framework of this study program are involved successful managers, politicians, and professionals who run public organizations need to have a range of skills and knowledge, and a critical mindset about the challenges they face. Meanwhile, the Public Policy and Management study program provides insights into how the public sector is managed and public sector funding worldwide. This program will prepare you for a career in senior management in the national and international government sectors, international organizations, regional development, agencies and NGOs.


In addition, the main goal of the program is to foster contemporary perspectives on public policy and public management in all their aspects, through a modern approach regarding the process of teaching and learning. Among others, it is worth noting that the program addresses how public policy is done, how it is implemented and evaluated, and the main issues of public service management. Consequently it is primarily focused on how policy processes and service delivery are interrelated to each other.
The objective of the curriculum is to:
1) To train qualified specialists in the public policy and public management sector on behalf of the Kosovo Civil Service, the non-governmental sector and the international development sector;
2) To prepare public managers with strategic management, Policy-making skills in order to be able to manage public management and non-governmental sectors;
3) To prepare students in order to be capable of identifying and providing solutions to problems related to developing of practical research topics and achieving proven scientific conclusions using appropriate research methods;
4) To prepare students to be able to independently conduct research and political analysis in NGOs, international or local development agencies.


The key expected outcomes from the curriculum aspect of the program Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:
– Critically apply the main theories, models, and concepts used in the study of public policy, public management, and the impact analysis of international organizations, including the EU, domestic policies, and policy making;
– Demonstrate an understanding of key debates in academic literature regarding public policy, public management, and the impact of international organizations, local and central policies;
– Undertake independent research projects;
– Be able to critically examine the main theories, models, and concepts used in the study of public policy and public management;
– Be able to demonstrate communication skills in the field of major debates, use academic literature related to public policy and public management;
– Be capable to implement into practice analytical and critical skills;
– Be able to make oral presentations;
– Be able to plan and design written assignments;
– Be able to work independently;
– Be able to use information technology;