The program is intended for public sector and non-governmental organisations as well as those from private sector wanting a better understand of public policy and management.  It builds on the experience of the Bachelor program and the extensive demand for those targeted courses. The program is especially relevant for those looking to develop skills and understanding in relation to (i) Public policy: its development, implementation, delivery, analysis and evaluation and (ii) The management of public services: leading and managing change in public services, assessing performance and outcomes and influencing future policy decisions.


The program of study is open to students that have completed a bachelor program equivalent to at least 180 ECTS at any accredited institution in Kosovo.  The program expects to have twenty students in the first year.  Those interested to join the program should normally have a bachelor degree in social sciences (merit). – students with grades 7.5/10 and higher are directly considered for admission into the programme.  All other applications would be considered on individual basis (at least 60 ECTS in computer science and economics).