Teaching and Learning

The Master of Political Science program is based on the demands of the labor market which is related to the needs for increasing political experts in Kosovo institutions.


With the framework of professional learning methods, experts in this field make learning in the Political Science program even more accessible and easier, always adapting to teaching strategies, didactic, social and psychological elements of teaching with learning styles, aiming to attain a qualitative and fruitful academic process.


During the course of academic studies, students are provided with:

  • Creative approach, related to contemporary teaching and very good professional development in the field of politics, state building, governance, management and public administration.
  • Relation of all study subjects to the needs of concrete policy developments, of Kosovo institutions as well as relation to the needs for reforms;
  • Numerous comparative advantages and ample opportunities for policy analysis;
  • Creating practical skills and abilities of students.
  • Extensive opportunities for training students in research and scientific work in many fields of political and managerial studies;
  • Provides a multidisciplinary approach to different subjects;
  • Well-trained academic staff with respective scientific degrees who are highly experienced in scientific activity and concrete policy making both in national and international level;
  • A continuous collaboration with various official and unofficial political institutions of Kosovo as well as its renowned political leaders;
  • Excellent opportunities for students to be employed immediately after graduation in various institutions of Kosovo, or in concrete political, governing, or managerial activity;