Industry Partnership




The practical learning of students is organized and supported via following approaches:

In the UBT laboratories;

In the industrial enterprises with whom UBT has cooperation agreements;

In the laboratories and institutes that work on food processing and safety analysis;

In different other nutrition organizations;


UBT is under arrangement of cooperation agreements with a number of enterprises and organizations relevant to the scope of this study program, in order to ensure practical learning / internships for students.  The list of enterprises under the process which are listed, but not limited to, the list as below:



No. Entreprise / Organization Field of cooperaiton Place of Entreprise / Organization
1 Trepharm Drug Manufacturer Sllatine e madhe
2 ICN&BM Distributor Prishtine
3 Santefarm Distributor Prishtine
4 QKUK Hospital Prishtine
5 AKPM Drug agency Prishtine
6 Green Pharmacies Pharmacies Kosove