UBT Pharmacy Admission


A candidate seeking admission in the program of Pharmacy should: (a) should have completed a medicine or natural science – mathematical upper secondary school, (b) have passed the high school national examination, with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English being key requirement, (c) successful applicants should have achieved 40% or higher in these subjects, (d) students should be at least 17 years of age at the time of application and should demonstrate that they are medically and legally fit for the profession, (e)  only students that have completed at least two years of upper secondary school level will be considered for admission.


The programme is designed to attract:


  • Students with upper secondary degrees in a medicine of related disciplines
  • Students who have been working in a narrowly focused pharmacy areas and want to acquire a more broadly based qualification
  • Students from non-medicine disciplines who wnat to change career pathsm namly students from science, mathematics and engeneering
  • Professionals working in pharmaceutical industry interested to uppgrade their skills and career ladder
  • Public Administration and Local government professionals interested to advance the theoretical and empirical underpinings of the profession for policy-making and regulatory purposes