Curriculum Structure

The Master’s program in Law, Computer Criminology and Forensics has been drafted and developed in compliance with the needs of the labor market, the opportunities they will offer, the unique discipline of subjects, the combination of theoretical teaching, in the most innovative educational institution in Kosovo, with practical knowledge that can improve research careers, computer crime policies and practical situations.


In addition, the structure of this master study program is in relevance to the requirements of the Bologna process for international comparability and compatibility. Based on these criteria, the program is comparable to other master programs of European Higher Education Institutions.


The curriculum content has been compiled, relying on good practice by the University of Maastricht, LLM Law and Legal Law, Leiden University, LLM Law and Computer Crime and Staffordshire University, MSc Digital Forensics. Among others, another important element, which has been taken into account, is to provide knowledge and gain skills, which can be transferred. Transferable skills are the ability to formulate arguments, to summarize information about an issue correctly, to articulate and present written arguments, and to undertake research from different sources and process them for the purposes of different.


The regular duration of the program is for one year and is divided into two semesters. Students must complete all courses in each semester.  Meanwhile, there has been given a great importance to  (lectures and seminars) by estimating it to about 25%. Upon successful completion of all courses and submission of the written research project, the student receives a degree from UBT, from the institution that has been awarded 5 stars of excellence, and from the institution which is a partner of over 500 world universities.


Year I
Semester I


Hours/ weeks


No. M/E Subjects L E ECTS Lecturer
1 M Computer crimes law 2 2 5 Dr. Arian Kadriu
2 M Advanced Criminology 2 1 5 Dr. Elmi Kelmendi
3 M Applied Criminalistics and Forensics 2 2 5 Assistant Professor Dr. Mensur Morina and Dr. Florent Azemi
4 M Legal aspects of Information Security 2 1 4 Assistant Professor Dr. Jorida Xhafaj
5 M Digital forensics Analysis 2 1 4 Associate Professor Dr. Ahmet Maloku
6 M Legal research methods 2 1 4 Dr. Xhavit Shala
7 E Penology 2 0 3 Dr. Elmi Kelmendi
8 E Terrorism 2 0 3 Dr. Arian Kadriu
9 E Network security 2 0 3 Assistant Professor Dr. Blerton Abazi
Semester II
No. M/E Subjects L E ECTS Lecturer
10 M Criminalistics for cyber crimes 3 1 5 Associate Professor Dr. Ahmet Maloku
11 M Forensics Network and Telecommunications 2 1 4 Assistant Professor Dr. Zhilbert Tafa
12 M Crimes and cyber security 2 1 3 Dr. Arian Kadriu
13 E Forensics Psychology 2 0 3 Dr. Qufli Osmani
14 E Crime fighting policy 2 0 3 Assistant Professor Dr. Mensur Morina and Dr. Elmi Kelmendi
15 E Victimology 2 0 3 Associate Professor Dr. Ahmet Maloku
10 M Master thesis     15 Any professor