Aims and Objectives

The Mission of the program in Law, Computer Criminology and Forensics (LLM) is to prepare experts in the fields of computer criminology, digital forensics, and cyber crime prevention that contribute to the advancement of rule of law, security sector,  and effectiveness of criminal investigation procedure through innovative processes, teaching, and research excellence for the benefit of rule of law, people and community.


On successful completion of this programme students should be able to:


  1. Critically understand the key area of law, computer criminology and forensics including both foundations and professional practice digital forensics.
  2. Critically review the substantive doctrine and interpretation of the legal regulations of Kosovo’s legislation on these issues.
  3. Compare the legal aspects of law, computer criminology and forensics applicable in Kosovo with European framework and practises.
  4. Evaluate the primary and secondary sources of law.
  5. Develop creative responses to cyber threats, criminal law, privacy law, and investigation’s tools and methodology.
  6. Achieve highly specialized and advanced knowledge in particular areas of professional, legal, social and ethical framework of international and national cyber-crimes, information security, administration of information and legal procedure;
  7. Create systematic understanding of the institutional structures and procedures in criminal law, computer criminology, and forensics.
  8. Manage teams in providing critical analysis of phenomena, trends, and reforms on the criminal legislation related to forensics and take responsibility to contribute to knowledge in the field of criminal law and computer forensics.
  9. Advance analytical and problem-solving skills that can be applied in their professional appliance.
  10. Plan and carry out research project in the area of criminal law and computer forensics;